Muscle Group: Biceps

21’s are a variation of the barbell curl, which hits the entire biceps area. 21’s are a combination of partial and full range bicep curls. This exercise will test your muscular endurance and provide you with a huge pump.

While standing, grab either a pair of dumbbells with each hand or grab a barbell. This exercise is traditionally done with a straight barbell but you can switch it up with an EZ bar. Hold the barbell at your arm’s length.

  1. Curl the weights up but stop halfway, when your forearms are about at the height of your belly button, lower the bar again to the starting position. Do 7 repetitions of this movement.
  2. Now WITHOUT PAUSING, curl the bar from your belly button – all the way up to your face and do 7 repetitions of this partial movement.
  3. At this point, even though your biceps are fried, we are finish the movement off with another set by doing 7 full-range barbell curls!

Note: The name 21’s comes from the 3 sets of partial curls which are performed for 7 reps each.