Timbits Canadian FitnessWhen you decide that you want to make a change and loose the fat, you will unavoidably have a tough time during the first few days. Here are 5 basic fat loss tips that you probably already know but if you really apply them your results will follow.

1. Slow down on the processed foods: It’s not just the fact that processed foods are higher in calories, but processed foods also contain a lot of chemicals and unnatural preservatives. Even though our bodies may be able to adapt to man-made food, unnatural preservatives could lead to acidity, stomach disorders and low levels of energy.

2. Remove the sugar-rich foods from the kitchen: Start off by going through your kitchen and decide on removing foods with high sugar content. Sugar is known to convert into carbohydrates once it enters into your body. Sure your body needs carbs as fuel but the unused carbohydrates are turned into fat by your body. Consider a better source for your energy needs like vegetables or rice.

3. Get outside and run: Exercise is an essential ingredient in fat loss, but if you’re not willing to engage in resistance training then simply start by walking. Walking is good, speed walking or running is even better and will burn a lot more fat. Try to increase your activity level on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. The body adapts to stress so if you remain seated, watching TV, you will not burn fat and achieve your goal.

4. Water, water, water: Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Water will keep your stomach full and might just keep away some of those food cravings. Try to make a habit out of drinking a glass of water before every meal so reduce the chance of overeating.

5. Dairy products are fattening: Dairy products like cheese and milk are known to be high in fat and may cause stomach bloating and inflammation. You do not have to give up everything at once just be considerate of whats going in your body and how your body deals with certain foods.

You probably read this and already knew all of the tips listed above, so whats your excuse? Losing fat is not that hard, it’s all willpower. Take your time and make the right choices and the fat will melt away.