Canadian Fitness Apple IWatch PhotographSpeculation on technology websites is beginning to increase, though Apple’s actions can never be foreseen with certainty, it appears they will be launching the fitness themed iWatch this October.

Given the trademark requests filed by Apple in countries around the world, it seems the tech giant is planning to call the device the iWatch.

We could see the iWatch come with both wireless charging and a heart rate sensor that keeps track of the operators pulse without a chest strap, an innovation that would change the wrist watch market and provide serious competition for companies like Garmin.

Reuters claims the iWatch may come with a 2.5 inch screen and a possible curved display. It’s also likely that Apple will use scratch proof sapphire glass on the iWatch as the lens, something that’s common with high end watch makers like Rolex or Omega.

The iWatch will have more than 10 sensors on board, its main focus being on health and fitness, according to The Wall Street Journal. A separate report from Laoyaoba claims Apple is waiting for FDA approval, and that it could have a range of biometric sensors to analyze more complicated data like blood pressure and hydration, possibly through real-time sweat readings.