Muscle Group: Shoulders

When you raise or rotate your shoulders, you’re using the trapezius, These muscles also keep your neck strong and well supported. Your delts help your arms with lifting and pulling. At the same time, they cover your rotator cuff, a band of muscles and tendons that engulf the shoulder joints and are key to your mobility. Since your shoulders are so complex, we have several exercises in this section that will cover every aspect of them. In more simplified terms the shoulders are comprised of three parts, the front deltoids, the side deltoids and the rear deltoids.

Arnold Presses were invented by the Austrian Oak himself. Arnold said this version of the shoulder press was the best shoulder exercise he knew of. The Arnold Press works both the front and side delts in an extraordinary way.

Sit on the edge of a bench and hold dumbbells in each hand on the shoulder. In the bottom position, the dumbbells will be facing your face and be right in front of you.

As you lift, slowly rotate the dumbbells out until they’re facing out as much as you can rotate them in the top position. Reverse this motion during the lowering of the dumbbells.