Americans Drink 22% Of Their Total Daily Calories

One common question I often hear from people when it comes to food choices is this: “Can pasta be healthy for me to eat?” Well, with the so much conflicting information that is being spread out online and even offline about food choices, even traditional staples, such as bread and pasta, are now being in […]

Fitness Equipment You Should Have In Your Home

With so many pieces of fitness equipment on the market, workout DVD’s being produced, and new studies being conducted all the time, it is hard to know where to begin when trying to find the best home fitness equipment. From high priced gym memberships to complicated home gyms, finding the right workout equipment can often […]

The Health Status Of Canadians In 2018: Tech Making Us Physically Inactive

In the 21st century, we live in an amazing world, with access to rich resources, mind-boggling technology and an unending stream of information, especially in Canada. So why, in such an advanced society, are people plagued by completely avoidable degenerative diseases? Obesity levels have risen drastically since 1978, and so has the incidence of serious […]

Around the Worlds

Muscle Group: Chest This exercise is a bit difficult to explain in words and better understood in video format. I suggest you watch the video to better understand Around the Worlds. This exercise builds and strengthens the outer chest region in a way similar to non-peak dumbbell flys. Lie on a Flat Bench with a […]

Partial Dumbbell Flys

Muscle Group: Chest These pack mass on quickly to the pectorals. The focus is almost entirely on the stretching portion of the exercise, which expands the fasciae and allows for a greater muscular growth. I also find that several times athletes rest at the top range of motion when performing flys. Essentially leaning the dumbbells […]

Board Press

Muscle Group: Chest This is a special max effort exercise designed to help strengthen the lockout of the bench press. It’s also very effective in increasing triceps strength. This exercise is performed exactly the same as the bench press except you pause the barbell on a board that’s placed on your chest. The board for […]

Static Bench

Muscle Group: Chest This emphasizes the peak of the entire chest muscle, making it appear fuller! Lie on a flat bench, your feet on the floor For balance. Use a medium-wide grip so that your forearms are perpendicular to the floor When the barbell touches your pecs. Raise the bar off the rack and hold […]

Ultra Wide Bench Press

Muscle Group: Chest This strengthens and improves the outer pectorals. The Ultra Wide Bench Press is performed the same as the regular bench press except you’ll use an ultra wide grip. Your fingers should be spread all the way out to the barbell rings! At the end, move your fingers back in before racking the […]

Floor Press

Muscle Group: Chest The floor press movement strengthens the midpoint of the bench press. This is a powerlifting technique that will take your bench to new levels! As an added benefit, your triceps will also receive serious growth. You will perform this exactly the same as the bench press except you lay on the ground […]

Neutral Dumbbell Bench Press

Muscle Group: Chest Great athletes and trainers understand that the slightest change in exercise can lead to continuous growth! Or as Rich Piana would call it “muscle confusion.” Neutral Dumbbell Bench Pressing is a prime example of this. This exercise develops mass and strength in the middle and outer pectoral muscles. Lay on a flat […]