5 Simple Fat Loss Tips You Need To Know!

When you decide that you want to make a change and loose the fat, you will unavoidably have a tough time during the first few days. Here are 5 basic fat loss tips that you probably already know but if you really apply them your results will follow. 1. Slow down on the processed foods: […]

Should You Including Running On Your Resume?

You’re a runner, but does that make you any more interesting to a prospective employer? How far should you go when promoting your running status on a resume? Surely your endeavours make you a recruiter’s dream: that feeling when you crossed the finishing mat in a marathon, a paragraph or two about the six weeks of […]

Apple’s Fitness iWatch

Speculation on technology websites is beginning to increase, though Apple’s actions can never be foreseen with certainty, it appears they will be launching the fitness themed iWatch this October. Given the trademark requests filed by Apple in countries around the world, it seems the tech giant is planning to call the device the iWatch. We could see the iWatch come with both […]

Obesity Is Canada’s New Epidemic

If you read the front page of our major newspapers or watch the news you will see that the death rate from cancer had substantially increased or that the mortality rate had risen. It was reported that Canadians are less obese and overweight than Americans in studies that began in the early 1960s. Today, almost […]

How Cardiovascular Exercise Affects Your Mind

We all know that running is good for cardiovascular health, but new research shows cognitive benefits as well. Aerobic exercise has been shown, in numerous studies, to provide brain benefits ranging from enhanced cognitive flexibility to better memory to new cell growth. In addition, because working out floods your body and brain with the hormones […]

Study: 30 Minutes Of Cardio Per Day Can Delay Aging By 12 Years

The British Journal of Sports Medicine recently reported that a study they conducted indicated that 30 minutes of exercise each day throughout middle age can delay the effects of aging by as much as 12 years. Our skeletal muscles form the functional and metabolic engines that control the expenditure of energy and the general health […]

Beginners Guide To Fitness: Resting Between Sets

So how long should you be resting between sets? It depends on what your objectives are. Power: If you are training for power, you need to lift a moderate to heavy amount of weight with speed, causing your central nervous system to fatigue. Power training also impedes the mind muscle connection so without sufficient rest […]

Should I Be Eating Carbs?

What is a carbohydrate? Technically, a carb is a sugar molecule made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Are carbohydrates good or bad? Carbs are good. It all depends on the food source you’re getting them from. Fruits are infinitely better than chocolate bars and candy. What is the difference between simple and complex carbohydrates? […]

Beginners Guide To Fitness: The 5 Basics

Welcome to Canadian Fitness! The first official post ever. There are four key steps you must follow to achieve your desired physique. Warming up before any serious training begins is the key to transitioning from your regular day to your workout. The human body needs to be able to adjust to the increase in blood volume […]