Welcome to Canadian Fitness! The first official post ever.

There are four key steps you must follow to achieve your desired physique.

Warming up before any serious training begins is the key to transitioning from your regular day to your workout. The human body needs to be able to adjust to the increase in blood volume and increased heart rate. It’s like eating healthy foods, most people know what they should be eating but don’t follow through. Take five minutes to perform some dynamic stretching or a quick session on the stationary bike to get the blood flowing. A proper warm-up sets the tone for your workout and helps keep you injury free.

Weight training is very effective but it’s hard on the joints if you’re just starting out. If you are looking to burn fat and improve your conditioning, spend time on compound lifting. You have to think longevity. Doing five days of heavy weight lifting a week will not make you a bodybuilder overnight but it will increase your chances of injury! Invest time in learning and practicing proper form. When starting a weight lifting program just stick to basic compound movements – which will make you stronger and keep you extremely fit for years to come.

Steady state cardio post weight training can feel like a chore. There is an alternative, running fast-paced intervals will improve your speed, endurance and balance. For you, this may sound a lot better than a long gruelling. Sprinting will target different fast-twitch fibres and put you into a fat burning state. Try sprinting for a minute or two then allow your heart rate to drop back to normal by walking, rinse and repeat. After you complete your cardiovascular conditioning session make sure to take some time to perform a proper cool by allowing your heart rate and breathing to adjust to normal levels with an easy five-minute walk.

Recovery should be your number one priority after a hard workout. Your body builds muscles during recovery, not training (weight lifting breaks down muscle tissue)! People often think because they have trained hard, they can eat whatever they want, some may even believe they can out-train their poor nutrition. A healthy plant-based diet is optimal. Starches, grains, vegetables and fruits are so crucial to short and long-term health – yet are so overlooked by the bodybuilding community which has become meat-obsessed.

There is so much propaganda pushed by supplement companies trying to convince you that you need 200grams, 300grams or even 2grams/pound of body weight of protein per day to build muscle. This is ludicrous!

Supplement companies want you buying their protein powder, consuming it at a really fast rate – so you will buy more and more of it. A brilliant business model for them – but not so brilliant for your health!

If you want your body to run optimally then you have to feed it the best fuel possible. That means staying away from processed meat, eating whole foods/fresh produce, getting enough Vitamin D (naturally) and drinking plenty of water.