Muscle Group: Triceps

Bench Dips are a variation of standard Dips, sometimes referred to as a behind the back dips. The more you weight the harder this movement will be. The further you put your feet out the harder this movement will be. A set of Skull Crushers followed by Bench Dips are an insane superset which will completely destroy your triceps.

Place a bench or bar behind your back and hold on to the bench at its edge, hands about shoulder width apart. Place your feet on another bench in front of you, if possible at a level higher than the bench you are holding on to.

Bending your elbows, lower your body as far as you can toward the floor. Then push back up, locking out your elbows and flex at the top to work the upper triceps. To work the lower triceps, stop just short of locking out. To increase the workload, try doing the movement by having your partner place a plate on your lap.