Muscle Group: Biceps

One-Armed Incline Bench Isolation Curls provide three advantages. First One-armed incline bench isolation curls are one of the best isolation exercises for your biceps. Secondly, if you work out at home and do not have a preacher curl bench, then this will make for an excellent substitute. Lastly, this exercise provides an excellent stretch in the biceps and helps your lower biceps grow. Only try these if you desire to have sleeve bursting guns! Haha…

  1. Set your bench at about a 45-degree angle and place a dumbbell in the arm that you will be working.
  2. Stand behind the bench as if spotting someone and place the arm that will be worked over the bench and allow it to extend fully, just as if the bench were a preacher curl bench.
  3. Hold the dumbbell with an underhand grip. Now Curl the weight up under control, hold for a peak contraction and lower under control.

Note: Never bounce or cheat on one-armed incline bench isolation curls since it could result in injury.