Muscle Group: Shoulders

By supporting your head on a bench you take the pressure off of your lower back and eliminate cheating for maximum isolation of the rear deltoids.

Grab hold of a dumbbell in each hand, lean forward and gently place your forehead on the end of an incline bench. Either allow the dumbbells to hang beside your calves or right in front of you. Have your palms facing each other.

With your body still, raise the weights out to either side, turning your wrists so that the rear of the dumbbell is higher than the front.

Don’t swing your body, let your rear delts lift the weight. With your arms just slightly bent, raise the dumbbells a bit higher than your head, then, not moving the rest of your body, lower the weight again under control to the side of your calves, resisting gravity all the way down. Raise the weight straight out to either side; the tendency doing this exercise is to let the weights drift back behind your shoulders, this makes the back work more than the rear delts.