Three Types of Strength: Concentric, Static, and Eccentric

Concentric strength is your ability to lift a particular weight positively. The up phase of the lift, so to speak. The eccentric portion of a rep is the phase in which you lower the weight, and the static portion would be the phase in which you have shortened, or fully contracted the muscle, for example, […]

Progressive Overload Applies To Cardiovascular Training As Well

This is a follow-up post to: Can Weight Training Improve Your Cardiovascular Conditioning? Pseudoscience and bodybuilding go hand in hand – there is even a name for it – broscience. “Broscientists,” tell us that endurance training hinders muscle growth. Some bodybuilders genuinely fear “running off” their hard earned gym gains by doing cardio. And for that […]

How To Build A Bicep Peak Like Mount Everest!

Biceps are the most popular muscles trained at the gym by men. Every guy wants bigger guns. The bicep is made up of two parts, hence the term bicep (“bi” meaning two and “cep” meaning head). In order to work the biceps, we must understand their functions. First, the biceps point of origin is located under […]

Dumbbell Shrug – The Key To Building Huge Traps

Well developed traps are an instant sign of strength and power for any bodybuilder or power-lifter. The good news is that you don’t need an array of specialized equipment to develop your traps, your dumbbell set is all you need. The ‘traps’ are large muscles in the middle of the upper back that are used […]

Beginners Guide To Fitness: 5 Bodybuilding Myths

Most of the clients and trainers working in commercial gyms do not know how to properly train. They are doing it wrong. That’s why a majority of people who join fitness clubs are disappointed in their results. Many buy a membership and start an exercise program, only to quit shortly after. Others keep exercising intermittently […]