Fitness Equipment You Should Have In Your Home

With so many pieces of fitness equipment on the market, workout DVD’s being produced, and new studies being conducted all the time, it is hard to know where to begin when trying to find the best home fitness equipment. From high priced gym memberships to complicated home gyms, finding the right workout equipment can often […]

The Health Status Of Canadians In 2018: Tech Making Us Physically Inactive

In the 21st century, we live in an amazing world, with access to rich resources, mind-boggling technology and an unending stream of information, especially in Canada. So why, in such an advanced society, are people plagued by completely avoidable degenerative diseases? Obesity levels have risen drastically since 1978, and so has the incidence of serious […]

Canadian Fitness Guide To Abdominal Training

Quite frankly, abdominals are one of the most misunderstood muscle groups in our bodies. However, they are also one of the most sought after. So lets set the record straight and probably cause some controversy at the same time! Today we will try and answer some of the most difficult questions concerning this area of […]

Dumbbell Squat – Build Mass & Avoid Injury

The squat is often referred to as “the king of all movements” for building mass. Many assume that this title is earned in reference to the squat’s ability to build huge leg muscles. It’s more than that. Squatting also helps stimulate growth in all the major muscle groups. I could go on about the numerous […]

Three Types of Strength: Concentric, Static, and Eccentric

Concentric strength is your ability to lift a particular weight positively. The up phase of the lift, so to speak. The eccentric portion of a rep is the phase in which you lower the weight, and the static portion would be the phase in which you have shortened, or fully contracted the muscle, for example, […]

Why Hire A Personal Trainer?

You are different from the next person and so are your fitness goals. A one-program-fits-all type approach will only slightly improve your fitness level but will not guarantee any dramatic improvements to your overall physique. A professional personal trainer will put the “personal” into your workout. He/she will customize a workout program for you that […]

Progressive Overload Applies To Cardiovascular Training As Well

This is a follow-up post to: Can Weight Training Improve Your Cardiovascular Conditioning? Pseudoscience and bodybuilding go hand in hand – there is even a name for it – broscience. “Broscientists,” tell us that endurance training hinders muscle growth. Some bodybuilders genuinely fear “running off” their hard earned gym gains by doing cardio. And for that […]

Dumbbell Shrug – The Key To Building Huge Traps

Well developed traps are an instant sign of strength and power for any bodybuilder or power-lifter. The good news is that you don’t need an array of specialized equipment to develop your traps, your dumbbell set is all you need. The ‘traps’ are large muscles in the middle of the upper back that are used […]

5 Most Common Reasons For Not Achieving BIG Fitness Results

If you are working out regularly, and trying to make better nutritional choices but still not seeing any improvements in your body, chances are that you are doing something wrong. Some might argue that they have simply hit a “plateau”, but that is just a fancy way of saying that they can’t figure out why […]

Can Weight Training Improve Your Cardiovascular Conditioning?

Yes, weight training can improve your cardio. When you weight train, the heart beats and the lungs respire. The harder you exercise, the harder these organs work. You will notice that strength training exercises can raise the heart much higher than steady-state aerobic activity. By moving from exercise to exercise without delay or rest, you […]