Pope Francis Says There Is No Hell?

I grew up irreligious and became an atheist around 2007. I had found out about this former Communist turned NeoCon and a self-proclaimed antitheist named Christopher Hitchens. Watching Christopher’s videos led me down a YouTube rabbit hole into the new reality of atheism. I spent hours and hours online devouring everything “rational” and eventually evolved into […]

Vegan Diet Is Increasing In Canada Leading To 1 In 3 Canadians Eating LESS Meat

There is a rising trend in the online fitness community and Canadian society as a whole. It consists of men and women who consciously refrain from eating meat and maintain a vegetarian/vegan diet. Dr.Oz came out with his “21 Day Plant-Based Diet” at the beginning of this year and stated that Veganism will be the […]

Should We As Christians Reduce Our Environmental Footprint?

Many Christians are suspicious of terms like “environmentally friendly,” “green,” or “eco-friendly.” The images the terms conjure, and the practices they denote, are often associated with atheists, progressives, and “hippies.” As a result, too many of us ignore genuine dangers—deforestation, land erosion, oil spills—while adopting foolishly anti-environmental rhetoric. That’s the problem Norman Wirzba tackles in […]

The Power Of Choice

If your wishes are pure, then they become true. – Mahatma Gandhi And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. – Paulo Coelho What is the single force that controls the quality of your life? There is one gift our Creator has given us. What is the one […]

Did Freeman Dyson Really Say That Atoms Have Awareness?

First, I want to say that I am not very knowledgeable on Deepak Chopras’ work. I see his books in Indigo all the time but have never picked one up. That being said I came across the clip I have attached below. It is a conversation with the famous atheist, evolutionary biologist and writer Richard […]

The Christmas Story: Birth Of Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ

The Gospel of Luke teaches us the story of baby Jesus, Jesus was born in a manger, there was no room for his parents Joseph and Mary at a guest house in Bethlehem. His way of living renounced the acquisition of wealth and worldly goods. His message celebrated and elevated the poor, and he was […]

Dr Ben Carson: Adaptation Is Not Evolution!

Adaptation, as defined by National Academy of Sciences is “a change in behavior, physiology, and structure of an organism to become more suited to an environment.” The critical takeaway here is even after the change, the organism remains the same kind as it originally was. Simply put, a housecat and tiger are both of the feline […]

Wake Up Productive: How To Start The Morning Off Right!

Do something you really enjoy every day, be it running, swimming or going out for a walk with someone close to you. Enjoy the small things. 1: Wake up five minutes earlier in the morning. Start the day off on a positive mental note, today is going to be a great day, I am going […]