Muscle Group: Biceps

Cheat Curls are a bit controversial. Form nazi’s (not necessarily a bad thing to be) revolt at the thought of cheat curls due to possible injury to ones lower back. But…Cheat Curls can develop extra mass and increase power in the biceps. Use them at your own risk!

Stand and hold the bar just as you would with Barbell Curls. We are going to use more weight on the bar with Cheat Curls so that it becomes harder to bang out the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th rep – so we are forced to use momentum to bring the bar up – thus “cheating.” Begin to swing the weight up, using your back and shoulders to assist your biceps. You still want to make sure you are working your biceps as hard as you can, and cheat just enough to keep the set going.

Try keeping the elbows stationary at the waist as much as possible. A great thing to do is to use both Barbell Curls and Cheat Curls in the same workout, doing a normal set of curl’s and, when your arms are too tired to do any more strict repetitions, loading on extra weight and doing some cheat curls to really burn out your guns.

Even though you are cheating on the way up with this movement you should keep a slow and strick negative to burn out your GUNS! This will shock your bi’s into growth.