Muscle Group: Shoulders

Kettlebell Clean and Press

Here we train the front and side deltoids and build complete body density and power. Cleaning a weight is a method of lifting a barbell from the floor to the starting position of the Military Press. This exercise starts off with a lot of leg movement to get the weight moving, then involves the traps, arms, and back as well as the shoulders to help you develop the Hollywood Superhero look.

Note: Check out Mark Rippetoe’s video below to get a better sense of implementation.

Squat down, lean forward, and grab the barbell with an overhand grip, your hands should be around shoulder width distance from each other.

Now drive the weight with your legs, and bring the bar straight up to about shoulder height, then tuck your elbows in to support the weight in the starting position of the Military Press.

Using the might of your shoulders and arms, press the weight above your head, let the weight go back down to shoulder height, then reverse the cleaning motion by squatting down and setting the weight back to the ground.