Muscle Group: Triceps

The close grip bench press can be considered the Squat of tri workouts. As far as load on muscle is concerned, there is no other triceps exercise that can match the close grip bench. Incorporating the close grip bench press will add mass to your arms – giving you that 3d look. The close grip bench pressing will have a big impact on your regular bench press as well. The stronger your tri’sĀ are the more weight you can bench overall.

You can either use an EZ curl bar or straight bar for this exercise, whichever you feel more comfortable with. Grip the bar 6-8 inches apart. This grip places much greater stress on your triceps. If you are a newer to bodybuilding – grab the bar with a monkey grip (thumb under the bar). If you are an experienced lifter you can use the suicide grip – at your own risk (thumb over the bar).

Keeping your shoulder blades tight into each other press the weight up and down like a normal bench press. There should be absolutely no cheating here.

Concentrate heavily on your triceps, feeling them contract on each press.