Muscle Group: Triceps

The triceps are a muscle composed of three muscles hence the word triceps. The triceps work opposite of the biceps and attach themselves to our deltoid and below our elbows.

Triceps make up 60 percent of our arms and should be given as much attention as our biceps.

The close grip on this exercise places a much greater emphasis on the triceps than the flat incline bench press. From an incline position, you are forcing your triceps to work more instead of your chest taking some of the load. Keep your elbows tucked all the way in.

  1. Using a straight bar lay back on an incline bench. Grip the bar with your hands 6-8 inches apart.
  2. Keeping your shoulder blades tight into each other press the weight up and down like a normal incline bench press.
  3. Concentrate heavily on your triceps, feeling them contract on each press.