Muscle Group: Back

The deadlift is one of the big three power movements. This exercise is the King of back movements. Deadlifts are a tremendous way to add mass to your back, entire lower body and forearms.

1. Stand before the bar with 1 inch separating the bar and your shins. Stand with a solid, natural shoulder width stance.

2. Bend at the waist and grab the bar securely with an overgrip grip – just outside of shin width. Your knees should not be bent at this point.

3. Now, bend your knees so your shins make contact with the bar.

4. The last step is to raise your chest – do not drop your hips in place of raising your chest.

Looking straight ahead, your spine in a powerful flat position (not stooped over or rounded), focus, regulate your breathing, breath in deeply and steadily pull the bar to a full standing position. Drag the bar close to your legs and exhale as full force is exerted.

Pause for a second at the top and slowly bend your knees as you return to the starting position.

Note: The video below is of strength training coach Mark Rippetoe teaching the deadlift. Simple, safe and efficient way to properly learn how to do this exercise.