3 Body Types Canada FitnessDo you know your body type? You may be an Ectomorph, Mesomorph, or Endomorph. You really need to know the answer to that question before determining a diet or training plan. Diets need to be individualized to you and your body type for you to have optimal results.


Individuals with an ectomorphic body tend to be thin and have less muscle mass. We may see ectomorphs eat whatever they like and gain very little weight. Some may say this is a benefit but for this body type, you must eat constantly due to the metabolism burning at an extremely fast rate.

Echtomorphic characteristics:
Flat chest
Small bone structure
Narrow shoulders
Finds it hard to gain weight

Ectomorphs require a lot of calories in order to gain and substantial muscle mass. You may want to consider a good protein supplement to increase your calorie intake. Also, consider eating before you go to sleep to help with muscle repair. Focus on compound movements when resistance training to promote strength gains.


Mesomorphs have an easier time putting on fat then Ectomorphs. However, being a mesomorph has its advantages like a disposition to lean body mass and athleticism. Women with this body type know it as the hour glass shape. Mesomorphs tend to be more energetic individuals as well.

Mesomorphic characteristics:
Lean well-defined muscles
Strong and athletic
Faster muscle mass gains
V shape frame

This body type will respond best to resistance training. Muscle gains are usually seen rapidly, particularly for those just starting weight lifting. Like I stated above the negative of being a mesomorph is that you have an easier time gaining fat. You need to monitor your calorie intake. Usually, a complete training program combining weight training and cardiovascular exercise will work best for you.


Endomorphs tend to have a rounded body shape and they store fat easily. If you are an endomorph you must watch your calorie intake and which foods you take in due to your lower metabolic rate. Start with cardiovascular exercise first, followed by proper dieting and resistance training focusing on volume.

Endomorphic characteristics:
Round body type
Stocky build
Gains both muscle mass and fat
Finds it hard to lose fat
Slower metabolic rate
Fat covers lean muscle mass

Of course, you may not fully fit into one of these body types. Adjust your training and dieting program properly to see the best results. Regardless, eating a healthy well-balanced diet, combined with proper exercise, is the right approach no matter what body type category you fall into.