Muscle Group: Biceps

Double Bicep Curls sometimes referred to as high cable curls develop and shape the biceps, particularly the height of the bicep peak.

  1. Hook handles to both sides of cable pulley machine (at your head height or higher).
  2. Hold the handles with an underhand grip, just as you would while dumbbell curling. Having your elbows still, at your sides, extend your arms out until you get a complete stretch in your biceps.
  3. Curl the handles in, keeping your elbows fixed, to the sides of your head trying to connect your palms with your shoulders. Squeeze your biceps as hard as possible at peak contraction, this really does wonders for your bicep peak (height), then allow both handles to slowly retract back to the cable pulleys.

Note: This is a great exercise for your biceps peak, it is not for mass so pick a weight you can really control. You can do a one handle variation of this exercise instead of curling both biceps at the same time. Rich Piana preferred doing one arm at a time since he felt he could focus more on the mind-muscle connection that way.