Muscle Group: Biceps

Seated dumbbell curls are the bread and butter of bicep training. They achieve three goals – building, shaping, and defining the biceps. Doing dumbbell curls seated means you will have to use less weight – compared to standing dumbbell curls – but seated curls allow for a greater range of motion and a better peak contraction. You can cheat a little with this exercise, but keep it to a minimum.

Sit either on a seated bench or on a shoulder press bench with the back support fully upright. Grab a dumbbell in each hand. Hold the dumbbells at your side with your arm fully extended down, palms facing your body.

Keeping your elbows in and fixed, curl the weights up, twisting your palms forward as you lift so that the thumbs turn to the outside and the palms are facing up – emphasize twisting your wrist so that your pinky is above your thumb at the peak contraction. Lift the weights as high as you can and really squeeze at the top. Lower the dumbbells down through the same range of motion – resisting gravity all the way down.

If you twist your wrists as you lift and lower the dumbbells you cause a fuller contraction of the biceps and develop both the inner biceps and separation between your biceps and triceps. For a variation, you can do this exercise standing so you can use more weight, but standing dumbbell curls will be less strict.