With so many pieces of fitness equipment on the market, workout DVD’s being produced, and new studies being conducted all the time, it is hard to know where to begin when trying to find the best home fitness equipment. From high priced gym memberships to complicated home gyms, finding the right workout equipment can often seem like a daunting task. The following pieces of fitness equipment will not only uncomplicated working out, but will help you get into the best shape of your life, all without breaking the bank.

10 pieces of fitness equipment you should have in your home:

1. Dumbbells:

Dumbbells are a must-have for any home gym and also should be utilized during workouts at the gym. Dumbbells are readily available for purchase at most sporting good stores and should also be available for use at any reputable gym. Dumbbells are awesome for strength training and allow you to isolate key muscles. Dumbbells also offer versatility and can be used to work out everything from biceps, to back, to your leg muscles. Another great feature about dumbbells is their portability, allowing them to be moved from room to room and stored easily out of the way.

2. Jump rope:

Not only is jumping rope one of the best cardio exercises anyone could do, but it also is a great way to build muscle. Jump ropes are extremely affordable, lightweight, easy to carry around and can even be packed into your luggage so you can get an awesome workout in while travelling.

3. Resistance band:

A resistance band is the perfect piece of fitness equipment to have any time you travel or for an at-home gym. These lightweight pieces of equipment not only travel well but also provide a practice resistance based workout. Resistance bands are also ideal for anyone recovering from an injury and an excellent way to rehab back to full health.

4. Medicine ball:

Medicine balls come in various weights and sizes, so can be utilized by people with any fitness level. Medicine balls are great upper and lower body workouts and provide effective and efficient workouts.

5. Chin-up bar

Chin up bars are relatively cheap and offer a variety of easy to use full body exercises. Chin up bars cover basic body movements and can easily attach, and detach, from a standard doorframe in minutes.

6. Stability ball

Stability balls are an excellent way to tone the upper body and offers extremely versatile exercises. From sitting on the ball while working at your computer, to doing mountain climbers, or squats, a stability ball is an easy and effective way to work out your entire body. Stability balls are typically made from latex that is nearly impossible to break, so get creative with your workouts and use this simple piece of fitness equipment to really rev up your workout routine.

7. Kettlebell

Kettlebells have recently gained popularity amongst fitness gurus and for good reason. Kettlebells not only offer a full-body workout but also focus on proper lifting technique.

8. TRX system

TRX suspension systems which can be found in certain gyms are used in any home. The TRX at home system is designed to flip over any standard size door frame, much like a chin-up bar. TRX was developed by navy seals to get in an amazing full-body workout in a very short amount of time. Using only your body weight, the TRX combines strength and stability moves to offer a one of a kind workout sure to leave you breathless.

9. Punching bag

Anyone who has gone a few rounds in the ring knows they will be hard-pressed to find a better cardio workout than boxing. A heavy punching bag offers people of all fitness levels a diverse, full-body workout and is guaranteed to get the heart rate up.

10. Stretching mat

A stretching or yoga mat is also an essential piece of fitness equipment every athlete or stay at home mom should have. Properly stretching prevents injury as well as promotes strength and long lean muscles.