Muscle Group: Triceps

The French Press was named after Serge Nubret and is sometimes referred to as the seated tricep overhead press. French pressing hits all three heads of the tricep. French presses allow you to work with heavy weights. This is considered a mass builder since it works the fast twitch muscle fibres of your triceps. We are going to be doing a “controlled explosive” movement during this exercise.

  1. Grab a heavy dumbbell and take a seat on a bench (preferably a seated chair for support). Your feet should be firmly planted onto the ground. Arch your lower back slightly off the bench.
  2. Pick the dumbbell up, transfer it to your knee, now grab it with both hands and hold it straight up over your head. If you are using a really heavy weight you can propel the dumbbell up with your knee.
  3. Keeping your elbows firmly in place, lower the weight down in an arch behind your head, until you feel a complete stretch in the triceps. Now with “controlled explosion” force the weight back up in the same range of motion and squeeze at the top for a peak contraction.