Muscle Group: Biceps

High Pulley Cable Curls with a bar attachment develop the inner head of your biceps and your overall bicep peak. By shifting your body closer or further away from the cable pulley you will be hitting your biceps in different angles. If you choose to do one arm at a time with a handle attachment and angle your body sideways instead of facing the cable pulley you will be hitting more of your inner bicep head.

Attach a short bar to a high cable pulley machine.

Hold the bar with an underhand grip, just as you would while barbell curling. Take a couple of steps back. Your arms will now be fully extended. Keep your elbows still in front of your face.

Curl the bar in trying to connect your palms with your shoulders. Squeeze the daylights out of your biceps, then allow the bar to slowly retract back to the cable pulley. This exercise is all about the squeeze factor.

Lee Priest, whom I personally think had the best arms in bodybuilding, demonstrates the High Pulley Cable Curl below: