Muscle Group: Back

Incline Bench Dumbbell Isolation Rows work both sides of the upper back independently. Using dumbbells forces each side of your body to work up to its own capacity, rather than running the risk of having the stronger side assist the weaker one. This is also an excellent way to add mass to the Rhomboids, which is critical for the development of middle back thickness.

  1. Set a bench to an incline, about a 45-degree angle and grab a pair of dumbbells.
  2. You will essentially position yourself the exact opposite of the way you would on an incline bench press. Which means you should lie face down, with your head just above the bench. You should be on your toes for support – keep your body fixed.
  3. Allow the dumbells to hang at arm’s length, with your palms facing each other.
  4. Now row the weight up just as you would with normal dumbbell rows. At the top squeeze your back muscles, then slowly, under control allow the weights to come down getting a complete stretch in your lats.