Muscle Group: Triceps

7 time Mr. Olympia, and the man with arguably the best arms ever, Phil Heath prefers using dumbbells to a barbell when it comes to Triceps Extensions. There is a method to his madness: The incline of the bench reduces pressure on his elbows and the dumbbells allow him to see if one tricep is stronger than the other, genius!

Lay down on an incline bench, your knees bent, feet flat on the floor for support. Hold the dumbbells over your head and straighten your arms to the starting position.

Now, keep your elbows fixed in place and lower the dumbbells down till they are even with the sides of your head so your triceps get a complete stretch. You can go down further if you like for a deeper stretch but make sure your elbows are not moving. Push the weight back up and flex your triceps, imagine them popping out of your arms.