Muscle Group: Biceps

Incline Face Foreword Reverse Dumbbell Curls hit your forearm flexors, brachialis and the biceps. Since you are laying fixed on a bench your body can’t assist you in bringing the weights up with momentum – making this a strict exercise.

  1. Grab a pair of dumbbells with an overhand grip, and space your hands so that they are shoulder-width apart. Now staddle an incline bench and lean face forward. The dumbbells should hang straight down in front of you and your feet should be firm on the ground for support.
  2. Since we are doing reverse grip curls – turn your wrists so your palms face the floor. Curl the dumbbells up and bring them up as high as you can, have your elbows close to the body and keep them fixed during the movement.
  3. Make sure to lift using a wide range of motion, this is better than just bringing the dumbbells quickly straight up. Really flex hard at the top for a peak contraction. Now lower the weights down, fighting the negative for an even better pump.

Note: The picture below shows a hammer grip variation since I was not able to find a reverse grip demonstration of this exercise.