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One-arm Negative Chin Ups or sometimes referred to as one-arm eccentric chin-ups. This is an extremely advanced exercise and only recommended for advanced lifters! However, this exercise can be done safely if your gym has an assisted pull-up machine even if you are not an experienced lifter. Here we hit the lats, emphasizing one side at a time.

The concentric phase is the positive portion of the lift (the pulling up of the body during a chin-up) while the eccentric phase is the negative portion of the lift (the downward lowering of your body during a chin-up).

  1. Pull up with two arms, pause, and slowly transfer the load to your non-dominant arm.
  2. From this point, lower yourself under control until the lats and elbow flexors of the working arm are fully stretched.
  3. Reset your other hand on the handle and pull yourself up until your set is complete.
  4. Rest and repeat with your other arm. Use a slow negative.

Note: You can grab something (a rope, the machine or your attached arm) with your non-working hand for support and still transfer your weight.

Unfortunately, I was not able to find a photo illustration of this exercise online to help demonstrate the movement.