Muscle Group: Triceps

This is a high pulley version of the overhead rope extension exercise for the triceps. This exercise really works the outer head of the triceps.

Start by placing a rope extension on a high pulley cable machine. Facing away from the rope, reach back and grab it with both hands.

Keep your elbows in front of you and make sure that they do not move throughout the entire exercise. We are focusing on isolating the triceps. Take a step forward and get balanced. You can put one foot forward and one back for more stability.

Now holding the rope your palms should be facing each other. From here extend your arms forward and as you are doing this turn your palms outward and stretch the rope apart. Now that you are in the fully extended position, allow the weight to come back under control until you really feel a complete stretch in your triceps. Remember to turn your wrist out and to lock out during this exercise and fully flex your triceps at the peak contraction!