Muscle Group: Biceps

The Pavel Tsatsouline curl also known as a one-armed barbell curl has been popularized by a Russian strongman named Pavel Tsatsouline. Pavel has trained both US and Russian special forces and is often referred to by Joe Rogan for his innovative training techniques. These curls work the biceps in an extremely brutal fashion.

Using one hand at the centre of the barbell grab a barbell with an underhand grip. Centre the barbell in the middle of your body and keep your opposite hand beside your body. Focus is the name of the game so you may want to place your non-working arm behind your back if its distracting.

With your arm fully extended curl the bar up and down as you would with a regular barbell curl. The difference is – you will have to balance the weight much more than you with a regular barbell curl. The idea behind this exercise┬áis that by forcing your biceps to balance the load you will be recruiting more muscle fibres to work.