Popeye Arms Program

The Popeye Arms Program is not for everyone, especially the uncommitted. If you cannot tolerate hardcore pump inducing workouts then I suggest you stop reading right now. In addition, you may want to go purchase the latest issue of Men’s Health, where they will teach you how to “easily” build a great pair of legs without squatting.

The most asked question in bodybuilding is, “how can I get my biceps to grow?” Using this program, you are going to create massive arms…simple as that.

Get the Results You Truly Want and Desire: Let’s face it, what guy doesn’t desire to have massive looking arms? Arms signify an individual’s power and strength. Big, muscular guns send a message to the world…you’re a force to be reckoned with! 

For those of you who stay and implement the shocking principles found in the Popeye Arms Program, you will reap benefits. Arms are one the most sensitive areas to train. Biceps house an unbelievable amount of nerves. In fact, martial artists are taught to strike the biceps for this particular reason.

Stop Wasting Time and Get Serious: The typical individual never trains their arms to their true potential, which is why they are one of the hardest muscle groups to develop. Most gym goers are going through the motions of their workout. Some even train incorrectly leading to fewer gains! In this program, we will cover different philosophies and shocking principles to work every fibre within our arms to ensure massive growth. Stop wasting your time and get a routine that works.

However, all of the material can be condensed into two words: FASCIA TRAINING

Fascia training is based on an exercise sequence. Therefore, it is essential to follow the program as it has been laid out to achieve the best results. Fascia training is meant to flush two muscle groups that are opposite of each other with as much blood as is humanly possible! It also incorporates very short rest intervals. I would compare the growth here, to that of the first time you ever used supersets. Remember how your arms just exploded?

Check out this preview of the program explaining some of the science behind it:

I will also teach you several fasciae stretching methods to help maximize bi and tri growth. I would not be surprised if you saw measurable gains, almost immediately by combining fascia training and stretching! You will not only shock your arms into new growth but also enhance vascularity big time.

Jay Cutler on Fascia Training: “Fascia stretch technique is what I used when I came back and won the Olympia from Dexter Jackson in 2009. We are talking about the pump factor. The pump is through the roof. It really – really gets the muscle full! Stretches it out, engorging the muscle with blood. That is really going to help expand the muscle tissues. When you are looking to build size, you want to expand the fascia. The fascia is trying to keep the muscle tight. That crazy pump helps expand the muscle which is going to give you more size. That’s the idea [behind fascia training]. Phil Heath would tell you the same thing. Obviously, my physique spoke for itself after one year of doing it.

Rich Piana on Fascia Training: “The fascia tissue is a very thin lining that covers the muscle. Its job is to protect the muscle. It’s like a protective sheath that protects every muscle in the body. Now the fascia tissue can actually inhibit growth in each muscle. Genetically some people have a thicker, tighter, stronger fascia tissue than others. Which therefore would inhibit their muscle growth even more and can make certain muscles almost impossible to grow. Stretching that muscle intensely on a daily basis can actually stretch out the fascia tissue and allow the muscle more room to grow – and to also grow at a faster rate.”

Joe Rogan on Fascia Stretching: “Rolfing [fascia stretching] is some amazing shit. Painful as fuck but highly effective. Post work out stretching is a big part of any smart training session, and it’s one of the most neglected aspects of strenuous exercise. Sure it sucks while you’re doing it, but stretching is crucial to maintaining fluid movement and range of motion.”

The program is FREE. I ask you to trust my recommendations and really give this program a shot. Most people simply overwork these small muscles. Instead, we will be optimizing your workouts to bring on the results we all truly want and deserve!