Muscle Group: Shoulders

You will need a high bench to execute this exercise properly. Most trainees do not understand the importance of exercises that emphasize a stretch. Just look at the extreme growth you have received from dumbbell flys and sissy squats. The principle here is the same. By lying on a bench you can get a more fuller stretch in the front deltoid.

Lie face down on a high flat bench that will enable you to hold dumbbells with your hands hanging from your shoulders and not touching the floor. Keep your head over the end of the bench and up.

With your hands gripping the dumbbells, arms straight, and elbows locked out, inhale and raise the dumbbells up until your arms are parallel to the floor. Lower the weight back to starting position and exhale. Keep the palms of your hands facing down during the exercise.

Note: The video below shows a demonstration using an incline bench. You can use an incline bench if you do not have a high flat bench available.