Muscle Group: Lower Back

The Rack Pull is a major back exercise. The range of motion on this exercise will be half the distance of the Deadlift. You will be able to lift more weight on Rack Pulls than you can on Deadlifts. This exercise adds density to the lower back.

The bar should be just below your knees. Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, grab the bar with an overhand grip just outside of your knees.

The bar should be 1 inch away from your shins at this point. Bend your knees slightly until they touch make contact with the bar. Now, your shoulders should be slightly in front of the bar. Keep your back straight, head in a natural position. Lift your chest and you are in the starting position.

Using the muscles of your lower back, lift the bar upward until it is at arm’s length. Lower it again, under control, back to the starting position; then immediately start your next rep.

Note: Mark Rippetoe suggests only performing one heavy set to failure, and I suggest you listen to him.