Muscle Group: Abdominals

With this exercise, we are targeting the lower abs. Looking for 6 pack abs? Combining Crunches with Reverse Crunches is a great way to target your entire midsection!

Reverse Crunches are done most effectively lying on a bench press bench that has a rack at one end.

First Lie down on your back on the bench and grab the rack behind you for support. Now bend your knees and bring them up as much as you can toward your head without lifting your pelvis off the bench.

This is your starting position. Now bring your knees up as close to your face as you can, rounding your back, with your glutes coming up off the bench and crunching up to your rib cage. At the top pause for a moment and really get a strong contraction. Gradually lower your knees until your glutes come to rest on the bench again.

Don’t lower your legs any farther than this. We aren’t doing Leg Raises. Don’t just get a lot of quick reps, concentrate on doing them in a concise And controlled movement.