Muscle Group: Triceps

According to Rich Piana, this is the best tri superset combination one can do.¬† The “Rich Tricep Superset” combines two variations of Skull Crushers performed back to back. This superset will hit the long (inner) head and the medial (outer) head of your triceps.

Rich admits his superset will be hard on your elbows, so keep the weight moderate to light. We are going for a massive pump with this exercise.

  1. Start by performing a set of Skull Crushers with a straight or EZ curl bar.
  2. Then go straight into a set of Skull Crushers with a dumbbell in each hand.

Rich recommends¬†pyramiding the weight up after each set. Keep this superset between 4-6 sets, at least 10+ reps for each set, even the last, making sure the weight isn’t too heavy. Elbows come first before ego.