Muscle Group: Shoulders

Standing Barbell Front Raises do everything that normal front raises do, except they hit the traps harder and force the front delts to shoulder a greater load on the negative portion of the repetition.

With an overhand grip, take hold of a barbell using a shoulder width apart grip. Stand straight up and allow the bar to hand in front of you, resting you’re your upper thighs, which is the starting position.

Keep your body in a fixed position and raise the barbell up and back, keeping your arms straight the whole time, continue on until the barbell is directly over your head. Then lower slowly and under control to the starting position.

Note: Keep your form strict unless you are training the eccentric (negative) part of the movement to shock your delts into massive growth. If you are doing shock training to completely fatigue your front delts then cheat slightly on the concentric (positive) to bring the barbell up.