This another one of Rich Piana’s favourite tricep exercises. Standing Overhead Rope Cable Extensions hit the long head (inner part) of your triceps. The long head makes up the majority of your triceps and your triceps make up the majority of your arm.

Attach a rope around a low pulley cable. You can have the pully down by the floor or midway up the machine. Grab the ends of the rope with both hands and turn facing away from the machine. Raise the weight to full extension above your head, with your elbows locked. Now, slowly start to lower your hands behind your head, keeping your upper arms close to your head, until your biceps and forearms touch. Push the weight back up overhead and squeeze your triceps to force blood into the muscle. This is a great exercise to develop that mind-muscle connection.

Note: You can do a variation of this exercise by isolating one arm at a time with the rope, which Rich demonstrates in the video below. Or you can do standing Triceps Presses instead of using the rope which will let you use more weight since you can cheat more in a standing position.

If you are going to use a barbell then make sure your elbows stay fixed and near to your head, lower the barbell down behind your head as far as possible, then lift it back up.