Muscle Group: Back

Static Pull-ups are as distressing to your muscles as any exercise you will do. Bodybuilding is a mental and physical sport. This exercise will test your mental strength! Static pull-ups can be compared to power movements as far as gains are concerned. These widen the back perhaps like no other exercise!

  1. Grab the pull up bar with an overhand grip, hands wider than shoulder width.
  2. Now pull yourself up so that the back of your neck touches the bar.
  3. Actively hold yourself in this position until failure or an amount of time you have specified.
  4. Come back down and hold yourself in the bottom position with an “active” hang rather than a “passive” hang. That means still having your back engaged even at the bottom – not sunken into your shoulders.
  5. Variations: You can perform these super wide, medium grip, close or shoulder width, each stresses the lats in a different way.