Muscle Group: Shoulders

A lot of thinner guys who are starting out have small undeveloped shoulders. Our goal with Static Upright Rows is to make our traps pop and broaden the shoulders. We are really going to focus on squeezing during this exercise.

Stand holding a bar using an overhand grip. Your hand should be closer than shoulder width, about 8 to 10 inches is fine. Let the bar hang straight down in front of you.

Raise the bar straight up, keeping it close in front of you until the barbell comes really close to touching your chin. Your back should stay straight and you should feel the traps squeeze and contract as you do the exercise.

Your whole shoulder girdle should come up as you raise the barbell. Once you reach the top, stay there until you have reached failure or a specified time you’re aiming for. Try holding on for 30-60 seconds per rep.

Note: If you have a kettlebell you can also use that instead of a barbell for varation.

Hold and squeeze in this position for 30-60 seconds.