David Smith with Chris Powell

You are different from the next person and so are your fitness goals. A one-program-fits-all type approach will only slightly improve your fitness level but will not guarantee any dramatic improvements to your overall physique. A professional personal trainer will put the “personal” into your workout. He/she will customize a workout program for you that is based solely on your goals. Essentially, it is no different than hiring an accountant to do your taxes or a real estate agent to sell your house. Exercise is a science and in order to maximize your efforts and prevent injury, professional instruction is recommended.

Establishing a baseline and goals:

In order for the trainer to create a program for you, they need to have a clear understanding of your goals. It all starts with an assessment to determine your present fitness level. This is where the trainer will gather the information needed in order to customize a program for you including baseline measurements, strength levels, physical limitations, and lifestyle habits. With this information, progress can be measured and your trainer can upgrade your program regularly as you improve. Tracking progress is essential for weight loss success.

Formulating a personalized program:

David Smith after working with Chris Powell

Once your long-term goals are established, your trainer can then formulate your personal workout program. Your program will contain a detailed guide to a proper warm-up and cool down, including stretches and the amount of cardiovascular training required of you. Then, a complete breakdown of the resistance training exercises will be listed including the number of sets and repetitions you should do, as well as how much rest you should take between exercises. Your trainer will also record your performance on each exercise and progressively add resistance. Tracking your improvements and adjusting your program where necessary will ensure your long-term goals are achieved.

Learning exercise execution:

Not only will your trainer recommend exercises that are best suited to your fitness goals, he/she will also guide you through proper form and technique each step of the way. They will show you proper breathing techniques, posture, and teach you basic shock training principles like forced reps, negative training, and training to muscular failure. Learning the fundamentals is so crucial to making significant progress. Plus, exercising with weights can be dangerous if not done correctly, therefore it is important to have a professional help you.

Consistency and Motivation:

One of the biggest benefits of having a professional trainer workout with you is motivation. Your personal trainer knows exactly how hard you should be pushing yourself based on what you are capable of doing. Mindset is a key factor in achieving your goals. Whenever you have doubts or feel like giving up, your personal trainer will motivate you to keep going. He/she will encourage you every step of the way and act as your support system. Their continuous influence will help lead you through obstacles to keep you on track and focused on working towards your goals at all times.

I believe that people who start off using a personal trainer get instant results because they learn the basics of working out, how to train properly, and get the motivation they need to stick with their program. It is no different than wanting to learn how to play tennis and getting a tennis pro to teach you the basics. Once you learn the game and practice with a pro you can have more fun and be successful at the same time.

So take advantage of personal training.

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