Muscle Group: Triceps

Here we are really focusing on “time under tension” to build those horseshoe triceps. Rich Piana constantly talked about “confusing” the muscle into growth and that is just what Wide Grip Pushdowns do. This is both a mass and strength tricep builder.

Wide Grip Pushdowns are similar to normal cable pushdowns, but we are going to be grabbing the bar with about 30 inches apart. The angle will attack your triceps in a much different manner than shoulder-width apart pushdowns.

Grab the bar with an overhand grip so that it is in line with your shoulder. Take a step back and pull your elbows in tight by your sides. Keeping your elbows fixed the whole time push the bar down and squeeze the life out of your triceps.

Concentrate during this movement. Imagine your triceps blowing out of your t-shirt. When you get a full stretch, keep your elbows still and raise the weight back up.